Title: 5 dreams; marriage
Excerpt: The sound of Dafna's equipment frying---captured, processed in CSound, then used beneath her arias
Performers: What is it like to be a bat?
Composers: Kitty Brazelton and Dafna Naphtali, (c) and (p) 2000.
Length of excerpt: 0:24
Size of download: 376.4K
File format .mp3

(This excerpt is playable on any audio plug-in which accepts .aiff format.)

This is actually a sample Brazelton plays as a loop during Aria 3. As you can hear, it's already a chord, so the harmony is predetermined---so the only open parameter is transposition--i.e. where on the sampler keyboard one plays it. In Aria 1, she plays a single-pitch version of the same sound so that she can accompany Dafna's voice with more flexible harmony.