Title: she said---she said, "can you sing Sermonette with me?"
Excerpt: Batch 1-2 (opening)
Performers: What is it like to be a bat?
Composers: Kitty Brazelton and Dafna Naphtali, (c) 1997.
Length of excerpt: 0:32
Size of download: 511.4K
File format .mp3


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Kind of a shocking opening. No one is ever ready for it. One of the things to pay attention to is the use of ambience as a stand-alone musical element: compare the "ringing" after each block of sound occurs. Much of it is brought about by Naphtali's pedal-controller-to-laptop-to-Eventide delay unit, but there is more if you listen carefully.

Also notice at the very beginning a brief pastiche of noise, voices and bell-like filters created in CMIX and played live by the sampler. You'll hear embedded in it, the comment which entitled the entire piece "she said---she said, "can you sing Sermonette with me?"