what is it like to be a bat?

grrrrls singingBoth women sing from startling 4-octave ranges, Brazelton having honed her edge in rock bands since 1969 (Voice: "Wild-woman vocalist...with a wailing intensity in all her genres"), Naphtali vocalizing in improv bands as well as straight classical recitals and new music ensembles.

Both women play electric guitar: Naphtali has toted hers from coast-to-coast, purveying jazz, folk, disco, whatever the gig required, while Brazelton makes unheard-of sounds on a bass guitar, with punk pick, Soviet-made fuzz box, never having played one (though she's written concertos for the instrument) before.

Both women compose hard-core computer music: Naphtali, (consultant/teacher at Artist in Residence programs at Harvestworks and Engine 27 and former Chief Engineer of NYU's Music Technology program) conducts live interactive radical ambience processing using her custom Max/MSP programs, while Brazelton (D.M.A. Columbia University, 1994; now composer/professor, Bennington College) creates digital soundtracks and samples from natural sound sources using old-time software-synthesis at Columbia's Computer Music lab or written-from-scratch CSound code at home on her desktop, unwilling to settle for current off-the-rack plug-in sound.

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