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Rolling Stone

The contradictions and complications of fealty and f**king spill out all over LOVE NOT LOVE LUST NOT LUST (Buzz, CD), an album of impressive nerve by Kitty Brazelton's DADADAH. The capital letters attest both to the group's breadth of color (brass, harp, cello) and Brazelton's ambition. Her songs are suitelike minefields of full emotional disclosure, sung with a pop-operatic pow and orchestrated like Kate Bush kickin' it with the Mingus Big Band.

---David Fricke

Schwann - Spectrum

…this compelling disc where pop-rock and improv jazz collide/commingle/congeal, where beauty and ferocity restlessly reside in close proximity and where contrariness (note the CD title) creates a jarring freshness like two clashing weather fronts prompting thunder and lightning yet ultimately delivering downpours of bracing rain…While the CD offers brilliant sonic palettes… Love Not Love Lust Not Lust ultimately succeeds on Brazelton's passionate vocals and her edgy, yearning delivery which give the disc its urgency and allure.

---Dan Ouellette

New York Times

brilliant…schizophrenic and elaborate: Soundscapes flash from genre to genre, with acid-jazz intros butting up against classical interludes, which in turn defer to arena-rock vocals…a challenging but worthwhile pastiche of her experimental sound. Best appreciated live, Brazelton is a dynamo on stage.

- Andrew Taber

Chicago Reader

The impressive composer and vocalist Kitty Brazelton has chosen a cute but misleading name for the genre-crunching "rockestra" she formed in 1990: Dadadah is neither nihilistic nor incomprehensible…Brazelton proves herself a master builder - vigorously postmodern, but never merely eclectic…

On Love Not Love Lust Not Lust (Buzz) Brazelton spins a beguiling web constructed of lean melodies, spacious harmonies, and sometimes silky lyrics: in "Sex Wind Dream" she writes "there is no island continent safe from the weather of my soul," while "Beauty Wild and Curious" offers the observation that "cocaine is wasabi but wine is the thought of love."

---Neil Tesser

All About Jazz

Along with her rather large ensemble, called "DADADAH" Ms. Brazelton has conjured up an alluring and at times fascinating series of pieces, which meld disparate musical elements, yet it all seems axiomatic and natural…

Love Not Love Lust Not Lust is a serious work of art which defies that blasted word Đ "categorization". Ms BrazeltonŐs originality and deeply personalized commitment to her craft should entice those who appreciate the purveyance of new frontiers whether it be rock or jazz. Success doesnŐt always come easy yet Ms. BrazeltonŐs finely crafted compositions and exemplary leadership illustrates how it all seems effortless and unconstrained.

Highly recommended! 1/2

---Glenn Astarita

Jazz Nu (Netherlands)

In her DADADAH-project composer and singer Kitty Brazelton combines progressive rock timbres with jazz-like improvisations in a way that exceeds the common fusion or the so-called art rock by far. The music, in which catchy pop-hooks are inimitably connected to well-balanced chamber horn arrangements, is pre-eminently challenging and appealing to the intellect…A perfect gift for those acquaintances who are not too keen on the jazz vocabulary.

 ---Ken Vos

All-Music Guide

It's a constructivist's approach, building layers of all encompassing, melodic and harmonic chaos within certain dynamic and orgasmic rhythmic structures…

Brazelton is a dramatist, possessing a wild eyed sense of irony and reality combined with a certain angst and sensual repose. … many "wow's!" during this totally engaging recording…This reviewer invites you, if you're into the Henry Cow/Hatfield & The North/Steve Lacy-Irene Aebi/Diamanda Galas school of noir art music to give this one a sincere shot.

---Michael G. Nastos

Signal to Noise

Use Annette Peacock, Kate Bush, Siouxie Sioux, Laura Nyro, Rickie Lee Jones, and Jane Siberry as points of reference, but don't expect Brazelton's "musical cinema" to sound like them. Not content with the easier synth-route, Kitty's band Dadadah is rich with some of jazz's finest, including trombonist Chris Washburne, Phillip Johnston on saxes, and bassist Jeff Song. Love Not Love is a song cycle about passion, desire and finding one's way; … "Is this the way to your house?" she sings, and you follow the narrator's mood- and time-changing journey with wonder… Dadadah's earlier disc on Accurate/Distortion, Rise Up!, with many of the same musicians, plus Tom Varner and Jim Pugliese, is a must-have.

---Steve Koenig

New York NewsDay

…no musical limits…

---Martin Johnson

All-Music Guide

A major surprise…quite compelling, and her singing is as colorful as it is expressive. With Love Not Love Lust Not Lust, Dadadah moves much closer to the center without compromising its integrity a bit.     

--- Alex Henderson

Victory Review (Seattle, WA)

Now this is something different, Brazelton mixes influences of jazz, rock, soul, and classical into a great album. "Beauty Wild and Curious" show-cases Brazelton's harmonic yet operatic voice; Matt Turner's addition of a furious cello backup gives the song a unique edge. "Cinderella's Sister" opens with a lonely alto sax solo from Phillip Johnson, but gives way to an angry vocal exultation for women. "Sex Wind Dream" features breathtaking harp solos from Elizabeth Panzer giving the song an almost angelic ambiance. Brazelton's strong, seductive vocals combine beautifully with extremely detailed compositions to form a great album.

---Brett Matson

WestChester County Weekly

Imagine Jefferson Airplane and the Family Stone morphed through Patti Smith and Tina Turner… Brazelton simply empties out her rock'n'roll heart. I've heard nothing like "Soul Kiss" since art-rock and punk were daringly wed in the I970s . . . I felt young again.

---Tom Staudter

Vermont Review

While Mel Torme, Carmen McRae, Rosemary Clooney and Michael Feinstein represent the old school of jazz, then New York City's Kitty Brazelton is the relentless visionary…

---Brian L. Knight


(Online 'zeen from Olympia WA)

This is one amazing CD! Rooted firmly in rock-ability, Kitty also has a clear talent for "twisting" forms into music thatŐs in itŐs own category... HER music! & I absolutely LOVED it! Her lyrical skills will carry you away into a land of dreams that we all have had.. but thŐ real beauty comes in her dynamite compositional talent. No form is sacred, & the results are (always) different than you expected them to be... I mean harp start, then a movement into a blend of horns/harp/vox like youŐve never HEARD (Sex Wind Dream). Some player names we recognize, like Matt Turner & Jeff Song (who have been reviewed quite a few times in these pages before). Brazelton has a DRIVING energy in her vocals & when that is paired with her unconventional mixings of instruments, it comes off sounding like a majestic rock-improv opera! Gets our MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, without a momentŐs hesitation! You should watch out for this young genius, Ôcoz youŐll be hearing a LOT more from her in the (very near) future! GET THIS!!!

---Rotcod Zzaj

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