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DADADAH is on sabbatical right now while Kitty composes new material. For the right price, we are always available for tour and concert appearances. Please contact:

Not missing any beats, here's a bit of what DDD members are up to:

DDD trombonist Chris Washburne is teaching as a full professor of jazz at Columbia University while continuing to gig at night in NYC's salsa scene and host two weekly Latin Jazz jams with his S.Y.O.T.O.S. band—Thursdays at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe (236 E. 3rd, NYC) and Sundays at SMOKE (2751 Broadway). Find out more at

Chris is recording Sonar Como Una Tromba Larga, composed in 1998 for him by Brazelton after a decade together in DADADAH, for release on Kitty's upcoming CRI CD of instrumental chamber music. Brazelton's CRI CD will include performances by the Manhattan Brass Quintet and California EAR Unit of compositions she has written for them, and is funded by the Aaron Copland Fund for recording and the Mary Flagler Cary Trust.

DDD cellist Martha Colby is leading her own Thing3, "a rock band disguised as a folk trio", singing and composing while playing cello with guitarist John Ceban and percussionist Jen Gilleran at the Knitting Factory and other venues

DDD guitarist Rolf Sturm is also playing around town very actively with his quartet Feed The Meter (Rolf Sturm: guitar & vocalectomy, Jody Espina: saxophonetics & vox, Grisha Alexiev: drummunition, and Kip Sophos: bass humor) who are hard at work on their 2nd CD release —you can pick up their first "Violation" at, or by clicking to and following the dots. Rolf has also released a solo jazz CD "Solo Acoustic" and can be heard with his brother bassist Hans Sturm and percussionist Glen Velez on CD "Back Home" in 10 original brother-written compositions.

Beloved wild-man guitarist Hui Cox is busier than "a one-legged man in a ass kicking contest" (his words) with his ten-year-old company "Bent Note Media", playing, producing (Sara K, Baba Olatunji—which won Cox a Grammy nomination) and recording his own CDs while computer-consulting on media- and film-oriented projects with such clients as Columbia University, The New School for Social Research, and The School of Visual Arts.

DDD saxophonist Michael Attias has included DADADAH-ans Mark Taylor (horn) and Chris Washburne (trombone) in his Michael Attias Sextet (Knit Fac 6/4/01) and Nimble Time Quartet. Michael received a New York Foundation for the Arts Composer Fellowship in 2000. Attias's sax-work can be heard on Ed Ratliff's recent release "Wong Fei-Hong Meets Little Strudel" and on Peep's "Joy of Being" as well as on his own self-released CD.

Mid-era DDD sax, composer/bandleader Phillip Johnston released "Normalology" in January 2001 while he toured Australia with "The Unknown", continued his collaboration with Art Spiegelman on DRAWN TO DEATH: a comic book opera, reunited the Microscopic Septet, and had a baby, Max, with his wife Hilary. Find out more at his hilariously pointed website which plays great MIDI PJ compositions while you read his bad reviews!

Check out the amazing activities of DDD jazz hornist Mark Taylor on his website There you will find his five bands including the Quietland Project with Myra Melford and soprano Bourque Simmons (their CD was reviewed by Bob Blumenthal in Atlantic Monthly) and the widely-touring Matheny/Taylor Quartet with Dmitri Matheny of SF, as well as film projects "Deep Shaft," "In All Her Spit And Fury," "Role Reversal," "Once Upon A Curbed Dog," "Through The Fire" and "The Girl."

This writer ran into DDD harpist Park Stickney and his lovely wife Christine Panchaud after Park's first round at the IAJE (International Alliance of Jazz Educators) convention in 01/01 in NYC. Park continues to singly invent and bring to prominence all over the world such a beast as a jazz harp, with his incredible modulatory pedal chops and extended fingerings. You can hear his work at or ("olgp" is an acronym for the title of his first CD "OverDressed Late Guy" and I think the "p" is for Park himself).

The equally earth-changing but entirely different innovations brought to the harp by founding DDD member and harpist Elizabeth Panzer can be heard on #oo56 "Dancing In Place" where Elizabeth commissions 6 new-music composers to write for her and includes two of her own compositions for solo harp. Kitty contributed Down n Harp n All a Rond O, a pallindromic journey through melodic pastiche and key, which allows Elizabeth to stretch out in improv reaction (which she's so great at) on its return. You can get the CD from oodiscs or from You can hear more Panzer on Lawrence D "Butch" Morris: Conductions #25 & #26 (New World 80483) and Conduction #38: In Freud's Garden, Conduction #39 & #40 (New World 80486) available at

DDD bassist Mat Fieldes is all over the place playing with pop star/composer Joe Jackson, Kristjan Järvi's Absolute Ensemble, with theater work "Asians and Amazons" by Marilyn Abalos, LIVE AT LUNCH on the radio with Vin Scelsa and much more. Mat can be heard on Richard Woodson's fascinating Cuneiform CD "Ellipsis" ( and with the ilk of Steve Vai and Robin Eubanks in Joe Jackson's Symphony No. 1 (

And visit artistic digital photogrphic art website by erstwhile DDD bassist Roland S. Wilson/— and a brand new music website of erst-erst-while Reverend Ed— to add some unexpected new vistas to your day.

DDD drummer David Rozenblatt is playing with pal DADADAHan Mat Fieldes in Absolute Ensemble all over the world and does his own well-traveled thing with the Xenakis Ensemble, the Matt Herskowitz trio, the Grand Canyon Music Festival and as founding member of the New York Percussion Quartet.

DDD drummer Owen Howard—who so heroically got us through the years of the CB's Lounge Residency month after month—has been playing with Steps Ahead (a 6-nighter at Iridium in 12/00) while leading his own Owen Howard Quintet. You can read a review of his quintet CD "Pentagon" (with Seamus Blake, saxes; Phil Grenadier, trumpet; Brad Shepik, guitar; and Drew Gress, bass) on

Finally, activist, composer and founding DDD drummer Jim Pugliese hosts the NOISE BAR (a must-visit) with partner percussionist/composer Christine Bard (DDD guest in 3/99). This is from the home page:

In a small back room on East 13th St. in New York City Jim thinks about life, politics, and music. Finally, looking to share his thoughts with others in the community, he looks in the calendar to see if anything exciting is going on tonight. Overwhelmed by the listings in the calendar and unable to make a decision he heads for the local bar where he knows he'll find good conversation, live music and good food. Upon arriving Jim sees a couple of composers that he knows. They are in, what seems like, a very deep conversation. Deciding not to get involved he looks back and recognizes several members of the Noise Action Coalition sitting at the corner table. Realizing that he forgot about this weeks meeting he walks back and joins them.

Good life and love to all—until DADADAH plays again!

—Kitty (read about my own further exploits on main or calendar page)

p.s. and if I've missed a trick or a beat, please contact me and I'll be more than happy to update or remedy as soon as I get a moment, ok?

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