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with her band DADADAH*

directed by Valeria Vasilevski

*DADADAH virtuosi include:

Live concert photography by Wade Zimmerman


Mark TaylorDescription from original press release:

In celebration of her new CD "Love Not Love Lust Not Lust," composer, songwriter, bandleader and vocalist Kitty Brazelton joins in collaboration with director Valeria Vasilevski to extend and expand the traditional definition of "concert" form in their millennial concoction "KITTY BRAZELTON IN 3D!!!". With her band DADADAH, Brazelton and Vasilevski will integrate the very meaning of the songs, solos and lyrics themselves with the mise-en-scene and beyond!

"KITTY BRAZELTON IN 3D!!!" is a new direction for Ms. Brazelton:Kitty singing

"I've often thought of my work as cinematic: 'Love Not Love Lust Not Lust's' From Her Story is a twenty-five-minute suite in nine continuous sections, a journey through darkness into light, traversing song and instrumental landscapes, and Soul Kiss, where I overturn the gender conventions of the come-on in a nine-minute postmodern collage, should work well as enacted performance, too. I'm thrilled to consider presenting this work to audiences in this new way."

In her illustrious past, Brazelton founded the infamous Hildegurls (Lincoln Center Festival 98), played acid rock at the Fillmore East, wrote pop songs for Joan Jett and got a doctorate from Columbia U. Modern chamber ensemble California EAR Unit premiered her Exposition, Development and Recapitulation of the Inner Ear October 13 at the Los Angeles County Museum.

"KITTY BRAZELTON IN 3D!!!" opens as the millennium turns.

Although this is from the CD and many of the performers are different, these mp3 excerpts may give you some idea of what "Kitty Brazelton in 3D!!!" sounded like…

button [3:05] 2.9 MB mp3 download— From Her Story III. Is This the Way?

button [5:43] 5.3MB mp3 download— From Her Story VI. Guitar Landscapes

And if you want to find out more about the recordings, click to Love Not Love Lust Not Lust