the band V but we were essentially

me and Joey

Joey and Kitty

We started out as a Philly band playing in clubs. Those were probably my wildest days of drinking and drugging and gigging and living the life. I left my husband for Joey and we moved to New York.

Onstage in PhillyOnce in Manhattan we wrote and wrote, fought and fought and wrote some more. It was a great collaboration. The song craft was high-powered. And I learned more orchestrating and arranging those pop songs we'd hammered out so carefully than in 8 years of grad school in composition.

Manhattan was hard though. It was hard to get heard. We think Madonna stole a song of ours or at least the lyric/concept which was: "I'm not a virgin/but you're the first one..." What do you think? Her management was particularly interested in that song and asked to keep the cassette. We got it back after 6 months. Then when her tune came out we couldn't do ours anymore because everybody thought we got it from her...

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One time we showcased for 6 major labels at once---who all rejected us at once---I think because I took my socks off (wasn't acting enough like Katrina & the Waves which was what they were looking for at the time...)

There are lots of pictures, lots of music (we are making a CD of the best of) and lots of stories--like why we changed our name to Hide The Babies.

For now I'll offer a little photo gallery which photographer Wade Zimmerman recently sent to me because he heard I was putting up a website----(turn page i.e.click!)