11/7/93: MUSIC PARTY I (1-6pm)




Marie McAuliffe and the ARK

ARK: from Hindu, Argha, "great ship, female vessel bearing seeds of life through the sea of chaos between destruction of one cosmos and creation of the next." Composer/pianist McAuliffe charts ARK's course in its maiden voyage, with Rich Perry, saxes; Rob Hencke, trumpet; Chris Washburne, trombone; Dave Hofstra, bass; Kevin Norton, drums.

Sandra Sprecher & friends

Keyboardist Sandra Sprecher creates a sonic montage of live and sampled musics, newsclips & poems with Danny Tunick, percussion; Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinet; Todd Reynolds, electric and acoustic violin.


David Cossin, Dominic Donato, Paul Guerguerian and Michael Lipsey apply found & ethnic instruments to the collectively composed "Their four and sow three"; they immerse metal objects in water on "So She Shines" (thanks John Cage).



Chris Washburne's SYOTOS PROJECT

Salsero by night, ethnomusicologist by day, always an incisive trombonist, Washburne bases his SYOTOS PROJECT in the teachings of Ran Blake and the 3rd Stream School, with microtonal exactitude at bop speed.

"the shoes"

Composer/conceptualist Laurie Schwartz plays two interactive CDs of the footfalls of tap dancer Daniel Costello, recorded at Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, in a duel-duet with mezzo soprano Anna Clementi. Her text is "La scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangiar bene" which Pellegrino Artusi, the Homer of Italian gastronomy, wrote in 1891. "the shoes" is commissioned and brought to us by the Berlin Senate.

Music of Hildegarde of Bingen

Performed by an anonymous all-woman choir, the music of the 12th century visionary German abbess rings out again in monophonic splendor over organum drone.




"6 merry pranksters who bang a mean gong all the way from ancient Greece to '60's girl group Shangri-La" (Deborah Frost, VOICE picks). Barbara Barg, Sarah Wendt and Suzanne Gallant play percussion, Maggie Dubris, guitar, Andrea Pierotti, violin, Martha Colby, cello---everybody sings.

Judy Dunaway

Fresh from a summer CD release (Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band on AMF-Germany) she improvises solo, downtowns her guitar and gives voice to the unexpected.


Gisburg's performed new vocal music (by Cage, Schnebel, A. Coleman, etc.) throughout Europe and Japan; today she harmonizes with Mary Nessinger, accompanied by Eastman trained accordionist Quentin and drummer John Nelson.




Analog synthesist Tom Hamilton and very human trombonist Peter Zummo perform their rarely heard "Slybersonic Tromosome (Virtue Has No Reality)."


Avant-folk songs of events that could happen to you, too, by Steven Swartz (voice, baritone ukelele, Magnus chord organ drone) with Alan Drogin (soprano ukelele, chord organ, lap-steel guitar, mandolanjo) and Gregor Kitzis (viola, mandolin).

"Quatre Bêtises" by Peter Susser

Dawn Buckholz and Tomas Ulrich perform four cello duos by composer Susser; there's shyness, a lotto game for the audience and a car crash amid some tunes.



John Myers and BLASTULA

Myers performs "7000 Feet" for processed wooden flutes and as the fourth guitarist of Blastula (with Eric Hubel, Carolyn Master, Ellen Watkins) offers four compositions featuring alternate tunings, electronic counterpoint and drones.

Dael Orlandersmith

An actor, writer, poet who "has something to say" (Lois Griffith, Nuyorican Poets Cafe).

"Mad Coyote Madly Sings"

Mark Van Hecke conducts Jerome Kitzke's ensemble THE MAD COYOTE in an anti-war piece employing Native American Tewa and Lakota texts and the poetry of Allen Ginsberg; with Kitzke, Dan Cherubin, Andrea Lee, Penny Luedtke, voices, and Lance Bryant, sax, Barbara Merjan, drums, David Hofstra, bass.


© 1999, Catherine Bowles Brazelton.