11/21/93: MUSIC PARTY II (1-6pm)





The yielding ruler in the fifth position of authority is receptive to suggestion from the lines below. It is surrounded by firmness in wisdom at the top and social awareness in the fourth position. Thus there is PROGRESS. (from the I Ching)

Eve Beglarian's "Ursonate"

Exploded shards of Kurt Schwitter's seminal Dada text sound masterpiece created in collaboration with California Ear Unit members Arthur Jarvinen and James Rohrig.

Joe Fonda/Scott Miller/Bottoms Out

Radical swing, homicidal country ballads and the science of intuitive transformation---"Psychotropic"---a new work by Scott Miller for quartet: Mark Whitecage, alto sax; David Bindman, tenor sax; Joe Fonda, bass and Kevin Norton, drums.



Norman Yamada & Mark Degliantoni

With a CD of their "Rough Assemblage" appearing soon on John Zorn's Avant label, Degliantoni samples sounds and Gisburg's voice while Yamada proposes a mysterious construction for 2 trombones, violin, viola, and percussion.

Lee Torchia Sextet: Jazz Ragas

Student of Indian classical and LaMonte Young, jazz tambura/vocalist Lee Torchia brings in her sextet. A returnee from Real Music's blast of a planetary party!


Virtuosic husband 'n' wife team, electric bassist Jack Vees and oboist Libby Van Cleve perform "Tattooed Barbie" with Mr. Computer et al. Our friends from Real Music 4/18/93, X-Front United 4/1/92, BOG LIFE and New Music Across America '92.



"The Dragon Smacks Her Lips"

A very short opera that begins in the Temple of the Dragon. Xa Ja, the ancient green dragon, makes love to her beloved flame. But her human devotees' betrayal vexes her so profoundly that Xa Ja devours the entire world in a fit of pique. Sung and narrated by Patty Onorato; composed and played on synthesizer by Catherine Stone.


Mary Rowell, violin (Urban Diva, New Music Consort); Laura Seaton, violin (Philip Glass, John Zorn, Orchestra of St. Luke); Ron Lawrence, viola (Elliott Sharp, Joe Jackson, Brooklyn Philharmonic); Mary Wooten (Manhattan Chamber Chamber Orchestra, David Cale), with Kevin Norton, drums, meld the raw energy of rock'n'roll with the precision of classical music.

Lorin Roser

He uses pedal steel vs. "synthetic strange attractor generatrix mapped log to pitch and quantumized diatonically" as well as "Sho-Bud single neck E9 tuning with a Rossler T-Basic Driver" to create wonders!


Joe Lobell with Joe Gallant

Lobell performs his hardcore NYC poetry with a 6 piece electric jazz band led by bassist Gallant (4-time Emmy nominee for sound on the "Guiding Light" and leader of the 17 piece Illuminati) with Evan Gallagher, keys, Skip Reed, drums and others. Eric Bogosian: "The stuff is excellent." Last Poet Abby O'Doun likes it too.

Carolyn Master

From the Glenn Branca Ensemble and rock group Of Cabbages and Kings, electric guitarist/composer Master's first appearance since her solo in Bang On A Can '93's Guitars 'n' Poets show.

Gillian Warden

Pan-player since '85, she came up through the ranks in world famous Trinidad steel band competitions; currently a member of Brooklyn-based Metro Steel Orchestra, winner of Panorama '89-'91.


Hui Cox

Last April electric guitar star Cox (ex-Stanley Turrentine, Basie band, Richie Havens) convened the psychedelic-era New Farmers from all over the country to RMS for their 25th reunion and set up Baba Olatunji as their spiritual master. Today he directs another massive jam, with more surprise guests.

+ members of DADADAH

(Besides Mssrs. Cox & Washburne & Ms. Brazelton herself: Elizabeth Panzer, harp, Jim Pugliese, drums, Tom Varner, French horn, Danny Weiss, sax and flute, Roland S. Wilson, electric bass, Mary Wooten, cello.)


© 1999, Catherine Bowles Brazelton.