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"as leader" means these records were either entirely composed by me and/or produced by me. In either case, I led the ensemble.

"Chamber Music for the Inner Ear" is available from the CRI website Because you are coming from my website, you may use the discount coupon code cribraz053002 to buy my CD at a reduced price. There may be an expiration date on this coupon, so do it soon.

The two DADADAH CDs are available on and other CD websites. Click on the CD icons to learn more about each (read reviews, hear samples, etc.) then follow the "buy" button to amazon (if you go that way, I get a kickback which is nice).

For MUSICA ORBIS and BOG LIFE, you have to contact me and get on a waiting list. Do that by emailing me Click on the icons to learn more about the groups and the music.

"with others" means these records were made by someone else who has decided to include my music. Usually I'm represented on one cut. You may purchase these records by inquiring at the website of the label involved. Because these are often search-based sites, I have linked the CD icons to the main page, so be sure to take along the title, artist and CD number.

as leader
Chamber Music for the Inner Ear (CD)

title: Chamber Music for the Inner Ear
artist: California EAR Unit, Chris Washburne, Manhattan Brass Quintet & more
label: CRI-Emergency CD 889
released: 2002

title: Love Not Love Lust Not Lust
artist: Kitty Brazelton's DADADAH
label: BUZZ ZZ76005
released: 1999

KB & Dadadah-Love Not... (CD)
Rise Up! (CD)

title: Rise Up!
artist: Kitty Brazelton's DADADAH
label: Accurate/Distortion Records AD1003
released: 1994

title: To The Listeners
artist: MUSICA ORBIS (Kitty Brazelton)
label: Longdivity/Rounder Records LD1
released: 1977

Musica Orbis-To The Listeners
Bog Life-New & Unusual American Chamber Music

title: Bog Life: New & Unusual American Chamber Music
artist: Kitty Brazelton's BOG LIFE
label: Longdivity Records LD2
recorded: 1991-92

with others

title: play nice
artist: twisted tutu (Eve Beglarian & Kathleen Supové)
label: oodiscs oo66
cut: #11 i touched your cheek
released: 2000

play nice (CD)
The Alternative Schubertiade (CD)

title: The Alternative Schubertiade
artist: various
label: CRI-Emergency CD 809
cut: #14 Fishy Wishy
released: 1999

title: dancing in place
artist: elizabeth panzer, harp
label: oodiscs oo56
cut: #6 Down n Harp n All a Rond o
released: 1999

Elizabeth Panzer-Dancing in Place (CD)
Schaphorst-Harold Arlen (CD)

title: Ken Schaphorst-Over the Rainbow: The Music of Harold Arlen
artist: arr. by Ken Schaphorst for Medeski Martin & Wood, Perfumed Scorpion, Either/Orchestra, Kitty Brazelton's Dadadah et al.
label: Accurate Records AC4204
cut: #11 That Old Black Magic
released: 1996

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