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In her DADADAH-project composer and singer Kitty Brazelton combines progressive rock timbres with jazz-like improvisations in a way that exceeds the common fusion or the so-called art rock by far. The music, in which catchy pop-hooks are inimitably being connected to well balanced chamber music-like horn arrangements, is pre-eminently challenging and appealing to the intellect.

Hui Cox' rock guitar has been given a prominent role. Brazelton's voice and vocal style - remotely reminiscent of country rock - are not that expressive despite the clear articulation. The lyrics not only treat personal relationships but also mostly rather melancholic emotions.

In order to fully appreciate the album one has to be sensitive to certain pop cliches, but the variety of the material plus the clever construction of the songs make this platter an interesting experience from its beginning through its ending. A perfect gift for those acquaintances who are not too keen on the jazz vocabulary.

Ken Vos
Jazz Nu
The Netherlands

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Kitty Brazelton, Bandleader

large electro-acoustic ensembles

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