A Buffeted Troupe of Women
Show Resilience but Not Chaos

Gina Gibney Dance
St. Mark's Church

Fortitude and endurance were affirmed in" Time Remaining," the new work Gina Gibney Dance presented on Saturday night as part of the City/Dans series of the Danspace Project.

The choreography was enhanced by a score by Kitty Brazelton, performed with impressive fervor by a group of singers and instrumentalists. The vocal text was derived from a well-known beautiful passage from Ecclesiastes that begins, in this translation, "To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven." The dancers journeyed courageously through many choreographic seasons and times, and hearing the sound of their breath as they moved was like hearing the breath of life itself.


Tom Brazil
Bethany Prater, left, and Kirsten Johansen in "Time Remaining."

The space was lined by gray blocks of various sizes designed by Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss and Sabine von Fischer, members of an architectural studio known as the Normal Group for Architecture. The blocks resembled both high-rise and low-rise city buildings, and throughout the production some of them were carried away by the dancers. But other blocks always remained, and the cast continued dancing with unabated energy.

Perseverance triumphed in this hourlong work choreographed by Ms. Gibney in collaboration with a cast of women: Angharad Davies, Kirsten Johansen, Jessica Loof, Mariangela Lopez, Eden Mazer, Bethany Prater and Molly Wilson. There were moments when everyone appeared to be buffeted and swept along by forces beyond their control But chaos never resulted.

Instead, the choreography made the dancers appear to have the ability to counter any implicit adversary. Movements were always big and bold yet never aggressive. There were rushings and tumbles to the floor. Once on the floor, the women stretched and twisted vigorously from side to side, giving the impression that they could face and survive any obstacle threatening them.



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