Chamber Music for the Inner Ear
Artist  Kitty Brazelton
Album Title  Chamber Music for the Inner Ear
Date of Release  2002
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Genre  Class
Styles  Chamber Music, Modern Composition, Classical Crossover
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AMG REVIEW: Vocalist/composer/educator Kitty Brazelton is a true musical renaissance woman. Armed with a doctorate in music arts, her legacy spans acid and jazz-rock genres, while she is also known for her gigs and involvement in New York City's notorious downtown scene. The artist pursues a deeply personalized form of chamber jazz, featuring a brass quintet that melds "little big band"-type charts with a contemporary classical touch. However, Brazelton also employs strings and woodwind sections while instituting various rhythmic structures into this divergent set. Complex yet surprisingly accessible, Brazelton's compositions are woven into interrelated fabrics of sound. Basically, the listener is treated to an earnest composer at work, as these pieces were obviously constructed for an audience and not solely for her own gratification. Bass, guitar, and bongos augment her airy, wordless vocals atop sonorous violin statements during the piece titled "R," while alto saxophonist Danny Weiss and cellist Dan Barrett go toe to toe during the striking duet piece entitled "Called Out Ol' Texas." Here, the duo renders contrasting tonalities along with a series of drone-like passages and intricately crafted unison lines, whereas the multi-part "Sonata for the Inner Ear" contains elements of Stravinsky and perhaps Aaron Copland in concert with Vicki Ray's lovely piano etudes and textural sampler work. Overall, this recording transcends many of the colorless or nondescript hybrid classical-jazz outings that many listeners have witnessed over the past few decades. Enthusiastically recommended. — Glenn Astarita
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  1.   Come Spring!: Dogwood Petals & Hormones (Brazelton) - 6:40
  2.   Come Spring!: Miles Through the Upstairs... (Brazelton) - 5:40
  3.   Come Spring!: Harmonic Fable (Brazelton) - 6:04
  4.   Come Spring!: First Second Seder at the... (Brazelton) - 3:48
  5.   R (Brazelton) - 6:13
  6.   Sonar Como una Tromba Larga (Brazelton) - 10:34
  7.   Called Out Ol' Texas (Brazelton) - 7:32
  8.   Sonata for the Inner Ear: Exposition (Brazelton) - 4:35
  9.   Sonata for the Inner Ear: Development (Brazelton) - 11:16
  10.   Sonata for the Inner Ear: Recapitulation (Brazelton) - 5:52
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California Ear Unit  -  Performer
Hugo Dwyer  -  Engineer, Editing, Mastering
Scott Fraser  -  Engineer
Amy Knoles  -  Drums
John Magnussen  -  Marimba
David Merrill  -  Engineer, Mixing
Danny Tunick  -  Bongos
Wayne Dumaine  -  Trumpet
Rob Lorentz  -  Violin
Dorothy Stone  -  Flute
Ebet Roberts  -  Photography
Kitty Brazelton  -  Vocals, Producer, Mixing, Electronics
Michael Seltzer  -  Trombone
Mat Fieldes  -  Double Bass
Lyris Hung  -  Violin, Producer
Marty Walker  -  Clarinet (Bass)
Chris Washburne  -  Trombone
Manhattan Brass Quintet  -  Performer
Kevin Cobb  -  Trumpet
Gregory Evans  -  French Horn
Stephen Foreman  -  Tuba
Silas Brown  -  Engineer, Editing
Jay Kauffman  -  Guitar
Danny Weiss  -  Sax (Alto)
Dan Barrett  -  Cello
Erika Duke  -  Cello
Vicki Ray  -  Organ, Piano, Sampling
Frank J. Oteri  -  Liner Notes
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 2002 CD CRI Emergency 889

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