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Kitty at CBGBs


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Kitty Brazelton has been performing professionally
since 1969. She appears primarily singing her own
composed repertoire accompanied by her own (or
co-led) ensembles:

Kitty and her bass in Bat

But Brazelton enjoys just being a
performer exploring the work of
other composers, some of which
was written specifically for her.

Kitty at CBGBs
  • Randall Woolf's experimental rock band CAMP from 1996-1998
  • Joshua Fried's Headfone Follies, HERE in 2001. See Voice review.
  • Eve Beglarian's Machaut à Gogo included on Dadadah's first CDRise Up!
  • Jim Pugliese's Blind Magic

Kitty on the bass
Chicago, 1997
w/ What is it Like
to Be a Bat?
Photo by
Marc PoKempner.
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video camera

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Composers Maura Bosch, David Soldier, Tom Varner, Diedre Murray, Jeffrey Schanzer and Marie McAuliffe have written for Kitty and her nonet Dadadah. Kitty has also performed pieces by Jerome Kitzke and Martha Mooke and once even contributed to the East Coast premiere of George Crumb's Lux Aeterna.

Kitty at CBGBs

Strip of
on left
taken by
Chris Seitz
at CBGB's
in 1988.
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Kitty & Low Brass

Kitty sings w/
Low Brass
3 photos by
Art Kaye, 2000.
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Kitty Brazelton & Low Brass
at Cornelia St.Cafe, NYC, for
Frank Oteri's 21st c. Schizoid
composer/performer series

Please check back for more downloadable video on this page :

  1. Musica Orbis video created by Dick Crew, WHYY-TV, 1976
  2. "No No No…You" video created by Norval Johnson for MTV,
    1985 with
    Hide the Babies
  3. live concert footage of Hide the Babies in NYC nightclubs
  4. live concert footage of DADADAHduring CB's Lounge Residency

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