Blood (1994)

From Her Story from Dadadah's CD Love Not Love Lust Not Lust,
was a long narrative piece. Blood is the final song, preceded by
12 Guitar Landscapes
and interrupted by a fragment of Madrigal.

Recorded at Sorcerer Sound in New York City by Hugo Dwyer, August 1995

  • Kitty Brazelton, voice
  • Phillip Johnston, alto sax
  • Lydia Van Dreel, horn
  • Chris Washburne, trombone
  • Elizabeth Panzer, harp
  • Matt Turner, cello
  • Hui Cox, electric guitar
  • Keith Lambeth, electric bass
  • Dane Richeson, drums

Blood on the pavement
blood in my eyes
I see blood drivin' you, lover
drivin' blind

Light in the distance
light in my mind
if I thought I could reach you, lover
I would shine—

your way
shine your shine your shine your way
shine your way in darkest dark
you would finally find your way

Pain, I'm gonna leave you
I'm leavin you behind
My own little baby she's callin' me now
callin' me to shine—

I will shine her way
shine her shine her shine her way
shine her way in darkest dark
I will finally find my way

I will shine her way
through darkest darkest darkest dark
and I will finally find my way.