Gringa (1976)

Musica Orbis used Gringa to showcase everyone's playing at the peak of the live concert set. Gringa became a popular staple in Musica Orbis concerts heard across the U. S. 1977-1978.

After the tune plays twice, the solos you hear are by: David Clark, double bass, followed by Caille Colburn, harp (note how she slaps sound board to signal end of solo), and Tom Stephenson, drums, and Kitty Brazelton, flute (note singing and talking into flute).

Puctuating interjections of the single phrase "una cuchara de arroz" are sung by Kitty Brazelton and David Clark.

The words refer abstractly to Brazelton's experiences as an American teenager—blonde, female, naïve but eager to fit in—living in Mexico in the highlands of Chiapas among the Mayan Zinacanteco people 1966-69.


Recorded live at Boston Center for the Arts in
1977 by Dave Griesinger

Musica Orbis:
  • Kitty Brazelton, flute, voice
  • Caille Colburn, harp
  • Susan Gelletly, keyboard
  • David Clark, double bass, voice
  • Tom Stephenson, drums

una cuchara de arroz

(a spoonful of rice)