Improvisations from Snow White (Rose Red) (1991)

One of the first exploded rock songs created for DADADAH.

Recorded at Baby Monster, 1991 and 1992. Released on "Rise Up!" 1994, Accurate/Distortion AD1003.

  • Kitty Brazelton, vocals
  • Danny Weiss, alto sax
  • Tom Varner, french horn
  • Chris Washburne, trombone
  • Elizabeth Panzer, harp
  • Mary Wooten, cello
  • Chris Tso, electric guitar
  • Ed Broms, electric bass
  • Jim Pugliese, drums

Trombone solo by Chris Washburne

Alto sax solo by Danny Weiss

Quartet improvisation by Kitty Brazelton, Tom Varner, Mary Wooten, Chris Washburne

Environments for solos and improvisations by Brazelton.